MapKitJS without the hassle.

Generate a MapKit JS snippet with a few clicks.

Change allowed origins on the fly, without having to change a single line of code.

No need to generate tokens yourself.

Implement MapKit JS in minutes.

Experience Mapkitter (for free)

Use Mapkitter for free for one hour • No account required

Map drawing

Included with every subscription 🌈

Cancel monthly
Unlimited ∞ map initialisations
Support by e-mail and chat

Change allowed origins on the fly (!)
Accelerated by a super-fast CDN
Manage multiple key-pairs

This is Mapkitter.

What exactly does it do?

Mapkitter takes all the hassle away for using MapKit JS. It manages your Apple Team details, manages JWT-tokens for your maps, and more.

Mapkitter also allows you to whitelist multiple origins (which you normally won't be able to do), change origins on the fly (without changing code) and helps managing your Maps keys.

What does it cost?

We'd like for everyone to enjoy Mapkitter's features. Therefore all plans have access to all our features. All plans can be canceled monthly.


  • Maximum of 1 kit
  • Maximum of 5 origins per kit


  • ∞ Unlimited Kits
  • ∞ Unlimited origins per kit

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