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Use this kit to experience how easy it can be to install Mapkitter on your site. Copy and paste the code below onto your site and you're done. It'll be valid for one hour from now. After that you can sign up for a Mapkitter account to integrate it for real.

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JavaScript snippet
<div id="map" style="height:300px; width:500px"></div>

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

     authorizationCallback: function (done) { mapkitter.token("02dd2e53-cc95-474a-8a0a-48d63dede53d", done); }

var Cupertino = new mapkit.CoordinateRegion(
new mapkit.Coordinate(37.3316850890998, -122.030067374026),
new mapkit.CoordinateSpan(0.167647972, 0.354985255)

var map = new mapkit.Map("map");
map.region = Cupertino;
Not sure what to do? It's easy! Just copy the snippet on the left to your site, and your MapKit JS instance should work right away. Don't have your own site at hand? Use Tryit .

You can use the snippet on the left to integrate MapKit JS into your site by simply copying and pasting on your site.

Mapkitter handles all the complexity of generating, renewing and managing tokens for you.

Looking for further MapKit JS documentation? Check out Apple's developer website .

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